Bio ErgonomicsEmployees represent the single greatest financial investment for most businesses as well as the greatest financial opportunity. With escalating workers’ compensation and group health care costs, prevention and treatment of work site injuries are critical for employers’ financial health. Traditional workers’ compensation programs emphasize adapting the work site to handle employee limitations by implementing ergonomic solutions. This approach can be costly and often unrealistic, and is not usually very effective.

A Bio-Ergonomics program designed by Back In Motion Physical Therapy can be a solution.

How the progress works:

  1. Determine which jobs are “at risk”.
  2. Determine “at risk activities” within jobs (loads, forces, reaches, postures, repetitive motions).
  3. Determine key body areas affected.
  4. Select four target stretches.
  5. Select 3 – 4 feel good stretches.
  6. Develop job specific stretching prescriptions.