This one particular exercise, if done correctly, can be a fantastic building block for a healthy body. However, when I tell people what the exercise is, I usually hear a moan of despair afterward.  The exercise is… squats! Everyone should be working on their squat in some form or another regardless of age or fitness level.

In this newsletter, I will be going over some common mistakes people make while doing a squat.  A good full-range squat requires a mixture of strength and mobility.  My first suggestion if you choose to start working on squats (and you should) is to start with a mini-squat and build in range, focusing on the form that I will go through below. As always, you should not have pain when working on your squats.

Here are my top three keys to a strong and safe squat:

  • Start with feet shoulder-width apart and toes slightly turned out.
  • Your weight needs to be dispersed to either midfoot or back onto your heels.
  • Ask yourself, can I wiggle my toes at the bottom of the squat?
  • Push your knees out over your pinky toes as you squat down.
    • At the bottom of your squat, ask yourself if you can see your big toe, or are your knees blocking the view?
Correct                                                        Incorrect
– Knees are out                                           – Knees buckling in
– Weight is midfoot                                      – Weight forward on toes
Correct                                                       Incorrect
– Chest up                                                   – Chest down
– Back is straight                                         – Back Rounded

Please remember that there should be no pain with these squats.  If you are having pain, discomfort or just can’t seem to get the proper form after working on these suggestions, please give me a call so we can look and see why you’re having pain during a squat and what we can do to help.  A strong squat is so important in life and we should all have the capabilities to do one. 

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