Morning Warm-up Routine

Anyone else notice that first thing in the morning to help you get out of bed, you need to make a groan or grunt to help you?  The body is stiff and sore and needs a caffeine kick to get a move on.  Well, what if I told you you could expedite past this stiff and achy stage by just a couple of movements and a few minutes in your morning?  By adding a daily warm-up to your schedule, you can get a jump start on your day. 

I’m going to call this warm-up “Be Like Bucky” (our dog).  Every morning he wakes and goes through all his stretches. Then he’ll come to say hi!  He does this without fail and he is ready for the day.  I’m going to show two different morning warm-ups. 

Here’s a video that will walk you through the “Be Like Bucky” morning routine. Spend 30 seconds on each exercise.

Be Like Bucky Video:

  1. Trunk Rotation
  2. Knees to Chest
  3. Seated Lumbar Flexion
  4. Seated Rotation
  5. Standing Forward Bow
  6. Mini squat progressing to a full Squat

This next video is for what I’ll call “The Morning Athlete”.  These are the people that have physically high demanding jobs and they need to hit the road running. This doesn’t mean if you’re a Desk Jockey that you can’t do these warm-ups too.  Spend 30 seconds on each exercise.

Morning Athlete Video:

  1. Prone Scorpion
  2. Plank to Downward Dog
  3. Mountain Climber Stretch
  4. ½ Squat
  5. Full Squat

Please remember that these exercises are meant to make you feel better, not worse. So, if you are having pain with any of these, please give me a call and we can discuss why.  Also, please know your own movement restrictions. Safety first!

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