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Mind your Back(pack) during Back-to-School

From homework and tests to extra-curricular activities, students already shoulder plenty of weight during back-to-school time. Their backpacks should be the least of their worries, says McFarland physical therapist Brian Doolan.  “Backpacks are so practical, but they’re also so easy to misuse,” said Doolan, physical therapist of Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in McFarland. “If they’re too heavy or just worn incorrectly, backpacks […]

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Muscle balance, not just strength, critical for athletic performance & health

While working to build a solid and stable foundation is certainly a critical component to personal health and athletic performance, McFarland physical therapist Brian Doolan warns that focusing only on muscle strength can, over time, make a person more susceptible to injury.  “Achieving optimal muscle balance, not just strength, is critical both for improving athletic performance as well as preventing injury over the […]

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Don’t confuse soreness with pain

There’s soreness, and then there’s pain. It’s important to not confuse the two, says McFarland physical therapist Brian Doolan, owner of Back in Motion Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine. To active people in general and athletes at all levels, the inability to recognize the differences between muscle soreness and pain can mean pushing your body […]

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